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Noticias en prensa y TV sobre Jamones Monsalud

PRESS 2008

PRESS 2009


Monsalud, Miguel Bosé, compra jamón ibérico puro de bellota, el economista

"Bosé shelters in the field to do business"

He is an owner of a company of hams, a warehouse and is on the verge of extracting oil to the market..


Monsalud, La Razón, jamón, paleta, lomo ibérico, de bellota

"A dinner of 1.000€"


The club millésime assembles the best Spanish chefs in Dominican Republic... 

Monsalud, Revista AR, Jamón, Paleta, Lomo, ibéricos puero de bellota, Comprar jamón

"Iberian with Star"

A sweet touch, a point of salt, the ideal texture, an incomparable aroma...


Monsalud, Revista Bar y Restaurante, jamón, paleta, lomo ibéricos puro de bellota,jamón loncheado, comprar jamón

"The importance of the cut of ham in the restaurant"

The ham sliced by knife is an art that is getting lost...



Monsalud, Revista Secretos de Cocina, Jamón cortado a mano y a domicilio, envío gratuito, Jamón, Paleta y Lomo ibéricos puro de bellota.

" Ham sliced by hand to domicile"

Monsalud has decided to make life easier of the numerous fans of its excellent hams....


Monsalud, Revista De Restaurant, Monsalud presenta su mejor cosecha de jamón ibérico

"Monsalud presents his better crop of Iberian ham"

Monsalud, leading company in the sector of the Iberian, launch to the market a limited production...


Monsalud, Revista Vinos y Restaurantes, Jamón Ibérico Monsalud, empresa líder en el sector del ibérico.

"Acorn- Fed Iberian Ham Monsalud"

One of the leading companies in the sector of the iberian ham, Monsalud, has just presented its last jewell...



Monsalud. Revista Madrid 360. Lomito de Ibérico Monsalud.

" Dry Cured Pok Lomito Monsalud"

Monsalud is an elaborating company of products of the Iberian pork with headquarters in Montánchez...


Monsalud. Revista Horeco. Jamón Monsalud ibérico cortado a cuchillo.

"Pure Acorn- Raised Iberian Ham sliced"

Every restaurant that wishes to sell Iberian hand-sliced ham can do it...


Monsalud en El Mundo. Extremadura, refugio de famosos. Jamones Monsalud.

"Extremadura, refuge of the famous"

Neither Marbella, nor Sotogrande, nor Ibiza.. Extremadura is the place with the most famous people per square meter...



Monsalud. Revista Madrid 360. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Monsalud. Producto Gourmet.

"Gourmet Products. Pure Acorn- Fed Iberian Ham Monsalud"

Monsalud is a company of Caceres, presided by singer Miguel Bosé...


Monsalud. Revista El Aderezo. El Vino Casalobos se presenta en Méjico.

"The Wine Casalobos appears in México"

The official wine of Real Madrid "Casalobos" is doing the Americas...


Monsalud. Revista Tempus. Ibéricos Monsalud. El Mejor regalo Gourmet

"Iberian Monsalud. The best gourmet gift"

Monsalud, company presided by the singer Miguel Bosé, elaborates the best iberian acorn ham...

Monsalud. Revista Air Classe. Monsalud. Perfecto aliado.

"Monsalud. Perfect Ally"

Tasty. Down in calories and very healthy the Iberian acorn-fed ham of Monsalud...


Monsalud. Revista Bar y Restaurante. Monsalud lleva a tu casa sus jamones cortados a mano.

"Monsalud takes to your house its hams sliced"

They offer this service for its DO Dehesa de Extremadura hams..



Monsalud. Periódico de Extremadura. Alianza de miguel Bosé y Fran Rivera para producir jamón Monsalud.

"Alliance of Michael Bosé and Fran Rivera to produce Iberian Extremadura"

The factory of the singer in Montánchez, in wich the bullfighter takes part, sells his first production...


PRESS 2010 PRESS 2010

"Business with own name"

Famous people have given the jump to the business world. Restaurants, warehouses, shops...monopolizen his time out of the bulbs...


Do you Want to eat with me?

Kike Sarasola, president of the Room Mate Hotels chain and Miguel Bosé, besides being a singer, a partner at the firm  Monsalud, thought the same....


Monsalud sponsors Abama Top Executive

 Monsalud hams has sponsored the first edition of Top Executive Golf in the Hotel Ababma Golf & Spa Resort, a meeting of senior executives.


Sponsors Charity Gala Monsalud AIDS 1 December in  Barcelona

Miguel Bosé and Eugenia Silva, host AIDS Charity Gala, held in Barcelona at the W Hotel which was attended by a host of artist, designer, stars, ...


Gift for the Holidays with Gourmets taste

The proposals are many, from those that combine the cheese and wine, until the sliced ham, as Monsalud, which offers all these possibilities for all budgets...


Sponsors Charity Gala Monsalud AIDS 1 December in  Barcelona

Miguel Bosé and Eugenia Silva, host AIDS Charity Gala, held in Barcelona at the W Hotel which was attended by a host of artist, designer, stars, ...



Prices of Iberian ham decrease with 35%

The prices of sales of the Iberian ham decreased with 35%. Only the small producers are safe, those who maintain their niche in the market, like Monsalud. 

PRESS 2011 PRESS 2011

Faro de Vigo

¨I spend 8 hours a day slicing ham¨


Monsalud en Madrid Fusion

Madrid Fusión is a meeting for professionals of the gastronomy and of the world of the restoration in general.

Monsalud en Madrid Fusión

In 2009, between el 19 and January 22 , we returned to be present in Madrid Fusión.


Monsalud en el Real Café del Bernabeu

Monsalud organized a "trying of ham" in the prestigious Royal Coffee of the stadium Santiago Bernabéu.

Monsalud en el Restaurante Loft 39

Presentation combines of our products in the Restaurant of Madrid Loft 39, close to the wines Perés Balta.

Monsalud presente en el Salón Internacional Club del Gourmet.

We were presents in the International Lounge of the Club Gourmets 2008 where our products could be tasted.


Monsalud presente en el Salón Internacional Club del Gourmet

Presentation combines of Monsalud and Casalobos in the International Lounge of the Club Gourmet