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Monsalud (Brumale S.L.) is the fruit of love of a group of businessmen for their native Extremadura, who got together in the mid-Nineties with the intent of making our region’s products known on the marketplace.

At Monsalud we inherit a hundred year old tradition of the artisanal production of Iberian pig products. Our expert craftsmen produce Iberian acorn-fed ham with an individualized treatment. Every piece gets a unique supervision, from the point of breeding the Iberian pig until its curing process in the cellar.

The hams of Monsalud are air-cured in the Sierra de Montánchez, the capital of ham of Extremadura. The special climate and the unique surroundings create a special curing process.
Extremadura contains 32% of the woodland pastures in Spain, while Salamanca (Guijuelo) only represents 12% and Huelva (Jabugo) barely reaches 8%.

 Why Montánchez?

Why Extremadura?

Why purebred Iberian?

Why Monsalud?

Montánchez. the capital of ham of Extremadura.
Dehesa de Extremadura. Contains close to one million hectares of woodland pasture.


Purebred Iberian pig..


Products Monsalud. Special curing process.
  • Why Montánchez?

 Monsalud´s hams are cured in Montánchez, the capital of ham of Extremadura, located on the northern slope of the Sierra de Montánchez (998 meters above sea level). Because of its location in  the geographical centre of Extremadura, in the middle of the "magic triangle" formed by the three historical cities: Cáceres, Trujillo and Mérida, Montánchez benefits from its microclimate - dry and cold- of the mountain, which has made it famous for the quality of its hams and sausages.

The ´jamón puro ibérico de bellota´ (pure iberian acorn-fed ham) stands out in the culinary tradition of Montánchez, well known because of its top quality (already served at the court of King Philip IV in the Seventeenth Century). Ever since, the name of Montánchez has been linked with the aroma of the ham, of which its elaboration is an ancient preparation and the fruit of a longstanding cultural tradition that has been passed from generation to generation, preserved in the skillful know-how craftsmen of Montánchez.


  • Why Extremadura?

 The black Iberian pig has been part of Extremadura´s history. This tradition has been kept ever since, preserving and improving a breed of pigs that represent a genuine genetic treasure.

 Extremadura possesses one of the best preserved ecosystems in Europe. It contains close to one million hectares of woodland pasture, in which the natural resources are sustainably exploited, allowing this unique ecological environment to be preserved and protected.

 Region of production: It is located in pasturelands with cork and holm oaks in the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. The pigs in this region are raised and fattened to provide ham and shoulder ham ´Dehesa de Extremadura´.

 Protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura: In June of 1996 the European Union recognized the Dehesa de Extremadura as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), to guarantee the quality and prestige of the Iberian hams and shoulder hams at a community level accepted by the Regulatory Council.

 Region of Production and Curing: This region is delimited by Extremadura´s districts of Sierras del Suroeste de Badajoz, Obor- Villuercas, Cáceres-Gredos Sur, Sierra de San Pedro and Sierra de Montánchez.


  • Why purebred iberian?

 Different types of Iberian ham exist in the marketplace according to the breed of pig and the diet on which the pigs are raised.

 The Breed: At the moment, the majority of pigs are a cross between the black Iberian pig (75%) and other breeds. The Iberian pig has a dark skin (the reason for which it is known as the pata negra: black leg), a smallish head, a short neck, black and hairless hooves, and fine and muscular legs.

 The hams of Monsalud come from 100% purebred Iberian pigs - both of their progenitors are purebred Iberian. Due to its unique genetics, it is the only breed of pigs in the world capable of storing great fat deposits that infiltrate in its muscular mass, which provides its characteristics to be a marble-veined appearance and an incomparable greasiness, texture and aroma.

 Diet: It is the diet of the pigs that determines the different varieties of ham. These can be separated into four categories:

 Bellota: Iberian pigs that are fattened exclusively with a diet of acorns and woodland grasses.

 Recebo: After a diet of acorns and woodland grasses the pig gets fattened at the final stage with animal feed.

 Cebo de Campo: A diet based on animal feed on free range farmland. We only produce this product under the Protected Designation of Origin "Dehesa de Extremadura".

 Cebo: A diet based on animal feed in an enclosed district.  



 The hams of Monsalud are cured in the Sierra de Montánchez, where a special climate and the unique surroundings create a unique curing process. Our expert craftsmen produce pure Iberian acorn-fed hams with an individualized treatment. Every piece gets a unique supervision, from the point of breeding the black Iberian pig until its curing process in the cellar.

 Monsalud´s Guarantee: The hams of Monsalud are unique because of their::

 Exclusivity: Our products are exclusive because we only produce 3.500 purebred Iberian pigs each year. The preparation of our products is carried out in an artisanal way in the drying shed/storehouse, always attended by humans and never with machines that affect its care. Because of this, the slicing of our ham is done by hand, with a knife, by a team of individuals with more than 25 years of experience.

 Shipping: We take care of all your multiple address deliveries. We ship our products to anywhere within the European Community with a full guarantee of delivery.

 No minimum order: At Monsalud you may order any product as of one single unit.

 Direct selling: By avoiding the middleman, it allows our products to leave directly from the factory, never being stored in a warehouse with anything less than optimal conditions..

 Guarantee:  Monsalud offers a complete satisfaction guarantee on all its 100% pure Iberian acorn-fed pig products, optimally cured, carefully tended and exquisitely presented.